Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Forty-two people congregated to attend Caleb’s graduation ceremony, 4 May 2007. The ceremony downtown at the Omaha Civic Auditorium was not terribly exciting, but it was fun to go, cheer, and know that something else very significant was in the works for the evening hours. Caleb seemed to have the most cheering of any graduate as he crossed the stage, waving his hand in salute. He graduated summa cum laude in civil engeering and was #1 in his class.
Caleb had called that morning to see if Abby would go letterboxing with him after his graduation celebration that evening. She rounded up her letterboxing stuff, not the least bit suspicious. Little did she know that her ever “helpful” mother had let Caleb know about a month earlier that she wished to find her engagement ring in a letterbox!
I had an urge to pray on the way down to the ceremony since it seemed that Satan was going to try some mischief to ruin the day. My suspicions were confirmed when none of our cameras worked at the ceremony, and afterward, Caleb hit a curb in his “chariot” and blew up the tire. The tire was soon mended, but Caleb ended up riding off in the Beasley van and Abby in our van, while the chariot limped along with Mr. Beasley driving. It took us a long time to get to Old Country Buffet, since traffic was backed up. I used the time to pray and praise the Lord, because the feeling of spiritual warfare did not leave me until we arrived at the restaurant. I was especially concerned about the ring in the letterbox at Heartland Park. Heartland is in downtown Omaha and is very well traveled. A diamond ring in a tupperware container might easily be discovered and stolen.
Our family left the party earlier than the other families because the little ones needed to head to bed. Abby said she and Caleb didn’t leave until close to 10p.m. They headed down to Heartland Park where they found a large crowd of Native American Indians dancing around a campfire at one end of the park. Fortunately, the letterbox was at the other end of the park. The clues led to the Pioneer Monument and a hummock of grass nearby. Abby said the grass looked recently tampered with, but she still was not suspicious. She found the letterbox, pulled it out and handed it to Caleb as she normally did while she got out their stamps to stamp the notebooks usually found inside. Caleb tried to give the box back to her, but she let him open it. Her first suspicions came when out of the corner of her eye she saw him take a black ring box out of the tupperware container. He sat down next to her, declared his love for her in very memorable words and asked her to marry him. She, of course, said, “Yes.” She loved the ring too.
They announced their engagement the next day at Dan’s graduation party and at church on Sunday. Pastor Larry didn’t even start the service till he’d called on Caleb to make his announcement. Caleb said, “I asked the most wonderful girl in the world to marry me...”At this point the congregation errupted in applause. When the clapping died down a bit, he finished with “and she said, “Yes.””
If you’d like to see some of the engagement photos of the lovely couple, you can see them at the photographer’s Blog at www.bloggingbeth.blogspot.com.

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It's always neat to read of God's faithfulness and attention to the details in each love story He writes. Would you mind if we shared a link to your story on ylcf.org? You can contact me through our online contact form or by emailing webmaster at ylcf.org. Thank you. God bless you as you serve Him together.
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