Monday, July 30, 2007

Bridal Shower

Abby’s family bridal shower was held at the Beasley abode on 28 Jul 07 at 1030 on a warm Saturday morning. God, who has been very active throughout the courtship and engagement, once again came through on two counts to make the day special. This shower was arranged by Caleb’s Aunt Cathy and was especially for family and friends outside of our church circle. Alot of the family lived far outside the Omaha area so attendance was questionable. God intervened by arranging Uncle Ray’s death and funeral to coincide with the shower. All the relatives were in town for the funeral so they stayed one day longer to attend the shower! The house was packed with family Abby would otherwise never have had a chance to meet.
The other amazing turn of events came when Abby got up in the morning to general malaise. She took Ibuprofin, but by the time she got to Beasley’s, she was feeling worse rather than better. Mrs. Beasley gave her some high powered medication, but it made her throw up. She layed down on Anna’s bed to try and recover in the 15 minutes before the shower started. I gathered her sisters and friends to pray for her and told Caleb to pray before they left for their round of miniature golf. Anna Nelson went in to chat and distract her from her troubles. When the shower started, Abby bravely came out wearing a genuine smile on her face. She actually looked good and seemed like she felt good. She did fine throughout the shower till the end when one of her friends noticed she had gotten very pale and sat her down before she fell down! She napped for the rest of the afternoon and evening, but God got her through the shower in one piece and she actually felt fine till the end. Praise the Lord!
That was all the behind the scenes happenings, but here is what went on that every one else saw...We had a sumptuous breakfast feast with an egg casserole, cinnamon roles, fruit and punch while playing a game where we tried to guess 12 different spices we could only smell, but not see. An on going game throughout the shower was whoever said the bride or groom’s actual name had to give up their bell to the person who caught them! I was the first to give up my bell to get the game off to a ringing start. Aunt Paula had all the ladies at her table give her their bells in hopes of an easy win, but Alaina Moore, Josh’s sweetheart won fair and square. Mrs. Beasley and I sang the song “Sunrise, Sunset” with slightly modified wording to make it suit a Christian couple. We didn’t cry, but we sighed at all the right moments. Abby told her courtship story from start to finish much to the ladies’ delight. And we ended the event with gift opening and cake and more visiting. I put the list of gifts below so you can see what they’ve already received. If you were thinking of buying them a scrabble game, they already have 2!
Here is a list of the items she received fyi
Kitchen Plaques
2 - glass 4 cup measures
Pyrex storage containers
11 piece Baking dish set
4 Pie keeper
Tongs, scissors, spatula, slotted spoon,
serving spoon
Popcorn, bowls, Scrabble
Colander, butcher knife, spices
Picture, address book
electric griddle
Complete set of pots and pans

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