Tuesday, July 10, 2007

About Abby

Abby Clarisse Grady is the oldest daughter in a retired military family currently residing in lovely Ft. Calhoun, NE. I don't know how many of you can relate to the responsibility she has had to shoulder all her life dictated by the many moves(10) and many siblings (11) that have come along through her nineteen years. She packed the entire household for the last two moves all by herself. She graduated from Grady High (homeschool) in 2005 and spent most of the next two years as a companion to a 96 year old blind lady in an assisted living center. She has helped in various children's ministries on a continuing basis and pursued multitudes of interests. She enjoys singing most of all, (very high and very loud according to her brother!) followed by reading and libraries, artsy-craftsy things such as sewing, scrapbooking, card making, crocheting, quilting, photography, collecting cute clothes and shoes, mudding drywall (a new found love!) and Caleb Beasley, who actually tops the "Interests" list. People often can't imagine what a 19 year old can find to keep herself busy if she doesn't work at a job outside the home. They obviously need to come and watch Abby, dear in action. There are not enough hours in the day for this busy, beautiful young lady.

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Marcia Wilwerding said...

Where do you folks attend church? We visit my husband's family in Omaha on occasion and would like to go to one of your services some time.

Marcia Wilwerding