Tuesday, July 10, 2007

About Caleb William Beasley

Profile: CWB
For those of you that have never met Caleb William Beasley, here is a short synopsis of his life. You can see from the photo what he looks like! He's the one in the upper bunk! Caleb is 22 years old and is a native Nebraskan, born and raised in Omaha. He is a devoted Christian, homeschooled through the ATI program, plays piano, clarinet, harmonica and conducts the church youth band. He also conducted the entire musical half of the last two Christmas programs which is no mean feat. He graduated Summa Cum Laude, #1 in his class, this spring with a 3.88 GPA in civil engineering from UNO. He worked and paid his way through college with no debt. He spent last summer on a short term missions trip to Ukraine where the above photo was taken. Since graduation, he has started working full time with Lamp Rynearson and Associates, a very prestigious engineering firm here in Omaha. He also referees basketball on weekends and evenings and plays basketball in a church league during basketball season. He plays slow pitch softball with his church and work teams during baseball season and runs to keep in shape. His favorite color is scarlet, the color of Husker football. It’s a good thing Abby likes to watch football (and baseball and basketball...) The girl in green sitting next to him in the picture is his younger sister Anna.

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