Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What is Courtship?

Some of you are familiar with courtship as defined in homeschool circles and some are not. In our understanding of the word, courtship is getting to know the other person, usually in the context of family activity, with a view and commitment to pursue engagement and marriage. To start a courtship, usually a young man will approach the girl’s father with his intentions. The girl may or may not know anything about it. Caleb came to Rod and went through a four hour “interrogation” till Rod felt comfortable with Caleb’s maturity and ability to be a husband and father. Since we knew Caleb and his family well already, his suffering was brief! Other families we know put the young man through weeks of “discipleship” between the dad and young man before they even get around to asking the girl! The next step is getting to know one another!

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